Organization Structure

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I. Managers of Offices/Faculties/Center/Union

A. Board of Management

1. Rector: Master Le Quoc Binh

2. Vice Rector (in charge of training activities):  Master Tran Kim Tuyen 

3. Vice Rector (in charge of quality assurance/scientific research): Master Hoang Thi Thu Suong

B. Functional Offices:

1. Training Affair Office: 

Manager: Master Phan Ky Quan Triet

Vice Manager:

Bachelor Nguyen Thi Hong

Engineer Huynh Xuan Nghiep

2. Administration Organization Office:

Manager: Bachelor Nguyen Minh Tuyen

Vice Manager:

Bachelor Nguyen Thi Hoa

Bachelor Dang Thi Tuyet Mai

3. Scientific Research Office:

Manager: Master Nguyen Van Thong

Vice Manager: Bachelor Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy

4. Student Affair Office: 

Manager: Engineer Nguyen Ngoc Cam

Vice Manager:

Bachelor Vu Manh Hung

Bachelor Tran Thi Thuy Hang

5. Finance Accounting Office:

Manager: Bachelor Nguyen Tho Chan

Vice Manager:

Bachelor Nguyen Thi Mai Loan

Bachelor Luu Thi Huong

6. Equipment Management Office:

Manager: Master Hong Thi Thanh Thuy

Vice Manager:

Engineer Lam Huynh Quang Duc

Bachelor Cao Thi Thu Hien

7. International Cooperation Office: 

Manager: Master Huynh Quoc Tuan

Vice Manager: Bachelor Nguyen Thi Bich Van

8. Quality Assurance Office:

Manager: Master Phan Thi Dang Thu

Vice Manager: Bachelor Nguyen Hiep

C. Center:

1. Student Enrollment and Career Consulting Center:

Manager: Bachelor Ngo Thi My Chi

Vice Manager: BachelorPham Thi Chau Huong

D. Faculties:

1. Faculty of Vocational Training Pedagogy: 

Dean: Master Phan Vu Nguyen Khuong

Vice Dean: Master Bui Mai Hoang Thao

2. Faculty of Manufacturing Mechanics

Dean: Master Tran Quan Quoc

Vice Dean: Master Tran Thi Thu Hien

3. Faculty of Mechanical Automobile:

Dean: Master Huynh Cong Thuong

Vice Dean: Master Nguyen Xuan Ha

4. Faculty of Information Technology: 

Dean: Bachelor Tran Trieu Ton

Vice Dean: Master Tran Thanh Phong

5. Faculty of Food Technology:

Dean: Master Nguyen Thanh Xuan

Vice Dean: Master Le Hoang Thanh Vy

6. Faculty of Industrial Electricity:

Dean: Master Tran Phuong Nam

Vice Dean: Master Pham Van Trong

7. Faculty of Industrial Electronics: 

Dean: Master Nguyen Thai Binh

Vice Dean: Engineer Pham Manh Dung

8. Faculty of Economics:

Dean: Master Hoang Thi Thu Suong

Vice Dean: Master Ha Thi Le Phuog

9. Faculty of Basic Sciences: 

Dean: Master Nguyen Thi Tra Mi

Vice Dean: Bachelor Nguyen Minh Quan

E. Unions:

1. Veteran Association:

Chairman of Veteran Association: Bachelor Vu Manh Hung

2. Trade Union:

Chairman of Trade Union: Bachelor Huynh Xuan Nghiep

Vice Chairman of Trade Union: Master Nguyen Thi Tra Mi

3. Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union:

Secretary of Youth Union: Engineer Phan Thi Thu Ngan

Vice Secretary: Bachelor Nguyen Minh Tri

4. Students’ Association:

Chairman of Students’ Association: Bachelor Nguyen Thi Hong Oanh

F. Party Committee (including 6 cells)

 Party Committee of HCMC Vocational College:

1. Mr. Le Quoc Binh - Party Secretary

2. Mr. Tran Kim Tuyen – Vice Party Secretary – Chairman of Supervisory Committee

3. Mr. Do Thanh Van - Member

G. College Council HCMC Vocational College

1.Mr. Le Quoc Binh- Rector – Chairman of Council;

2.Mr. Tran Kim Tuyen- Vice Rector, Vice Chairman of Council;

Council Members:

3.Mrs. Hoang Thi Thu Suong- Vice Rector – Dean of Faculty of Economics;

4.Mr. Phan Ky Quan Triet– Manager of Training Affair Office – Secretary of Council;

5.Mr. Do Thanh Van– Director of 2nd Campus;

6.Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuyen – Manager of Administration Organization Office

7.Mr. Nguyen Tho Chan – Manager of Finance Accounting Office

8.Mr. Nguyen Van Thong – Manager of Scientific Research Office

9.Mr Nguyen Ngoc Cam – Manager of Student Affair Office

10.Mrs. Hong Thi Thanh Thuy – Manager of Equipment Management Office

11.Mr. Huynh Quoc Tuan – Manager of International Cooperation Office

12.Mrs. Phan Thi Dang Thu – Manager of Quality Assurance Office

13.Mrs. Ngo My Chi – Manager of Student Enrollment and Career Consulting Center

14.Mr. Tran Phuong Nam- Dean of Faculty of Industrial Electricity;

15.Mr. Tran Trieu Ton- Dean of Faculty of Information Technology;

16.Mr. Huynh Cong Thuong- Dean of Faculty of Mechanical Automobile;

17.Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tra Mi- Dean of Faculty of Basic Sciences;

18.Mr. Nguyen Thai Binh– Dean of Faculty of Industrial Electronics;

19.Mr. Tran Quan Quoc – Dean of Faculty of Manufacturing Mechanics;

20.Mrs. Phan Vu Nguyen Khuong - Dean of Faculty of Vocational Pedagogy;

21.Mr. Ngyen Thanh Xuan – Dean of Faculty of Food Technology;

22.Ms. Phan Thi Thu Ngan Secretary of Youth Union

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