Function and Mission of International Cooperation Office

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a) Functions:

To advise and assist the principal in cooperation training plan; implement cooperation activities with foreign institutions and international organizations.

b) Missions:

- To develop and implement cooperation strategies and plans in the field of education and scientific research domestically and internationally
- To establish government relations in international cooperation.
- To be responsible for welcoming delegations and organizing signing ceremony with counterparts.
- To management and administrate contents and update information on the website of the college.
+ Foreign affairs: to organize and implement cooperation activities with foreign partners; to welcome international delegations, prepare collaborative content, and to organize signing ceremeony with counterparts
+ To plan, implement and monitor international cooperation activities.
- To coordinate with other offices to build research projects and technology transfer by international organizations.
- To provide information on new domestic and international technologies related to the training of the college.
- To organize and participate in conferences and seminars related to international cooperation in training and scientific research to contribute in improving the quality of teaching and management staff.
- To build plans for international training cooperation .
- To coordinate with the overseas consultant organization, to provide scholarships for teachers and students of the college.
- To coordinate with international organizationas to hold volunteer activities, cultural exchanges for students.
- To perform other duties assigned by the principal and vice principal in charge

c) Head (or Deputy Head) of International Cooperation Office:
"under the authorizatoin of the Principal, to sign documents related to the functions and tasks of the office and the other type of documents in the scope stated in ""Regulations on the archives work""
- To sign the documents and papers drafted by the office before the Principal signing."

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