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Training technical workforce to work directly for manufacturing and service companies at vocational intermediate and college level; trainers after graduation with ethics, professional conscience, sense of discipline, industrial behavior will be able to find jobs, self-employ or study in articulation course to meet the requirement of the national industrialization and modernization.

- Improving the quality of training.

- Fostering in pedagogical training.

- Developing in training scale.

- Enhancing quality and effectiveness of training.

- Organizing admission for majors allowed in vocational activity license.

- Develop new major: at international level (IT – software application) and at regional level (mechanical equipment manufacturing).

- Invest and develop 6 key majors: at international level (IT – software application); at regional level (manufacturing mechanical equipment; and air conditioning and technical air conditioning) and at national level (database administration).

- Diversify in organizing training method:

Site training in companies and enterprises.

Training full-time, part-time and articulation courses on-campus and off-campus.

- Diversify in training level:

Training in primary, intermediate and college level.

Training articulation course for intermediate/college and college/university level.

Training short-term courses.

Enhance skills (upgrading worker skills) as companies’ requirement.

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