Board of Management

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1. Master Le Quoc Binh - President
- In charge of college general activities
- To develop the College strategic plan, to manage Human resource activity, finance, security – internal politics.
- To manage: Organization – Administration Office, Finance and Accounting Office, International Cooperation Office; Student Enrollment and Career Consulting Center; 2nd Campus.
- Account owner.
- Phone: +848 38 481 664

2. Master Tran Kim Tuyen - Vice President
- To manage teaching and learning activities; scientific research activities.
- To manage: Training Affair Office, Student Affair Office, Scientific Research Office, Faculty of Vocational training pedagogy, teaching and learning activities of all Faculties.
- To manage international cooperation activities for training, link training domestically and internationally activities as authorized by the President.
- To perform other duties as assigned by the President
-  Phone: +848 38 483 28

3. Master Hoang Thi Thu Suong - Vice President
- To manage Organization – Administration activities, quality assurance activities and ODA projects.
- To manage: Quality Assurance Office, as well as Dean of Faculty of Economics
- To perform other duties as assigned by the President
- Phone: +848 38 483 306



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