Closing Ceremony of Project “Enhancing manufacturing skills of Mono-Zukuri program, Japan”

Thứ sáu, 12 Tháng 8 2016 00:00
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Closing Ceremony of Project “Enhancing manufacturing skills of Mono-Zukuri program, Japan” took place at HCMC Vocational College on 1st July, 2016.

Master Le Quoc Binh – Principal of HCMCVC gave a speech at the ceremony.

The purpose of this project is to train mechanical human resource of Vietnam by utilizing sophisticated manufacturing techniques and skills of small-to-medium sized enterprises in City of Kawasaki. The project contributes to the industrial development of Vietnam and promote exchange between Japan and Vietnam and also supports the advancement of Japanese manufacturing industry into Vietnam through human resource development. The project implements Japanese Language training courses and training sophisticated manufacturing skills distinct to Japan to HCMVC’s students as well as conduct upgrading training for teachers of the College about teaching pedagogy and technical skills.

The highlights of this project was that students would intern at Japanese Companies in Vietnam. This helps students to apply skills and knowledge which they learned. They also had opportunities to learn Japanese working style and discipline from those companies. The college invited 2 Japanese companies, which offered students internships, to the ceremony, to comment on skills and competencies of students in this project. They are Ishikawa Company and Sanshin Company.

In the ceremony, the college awarded 5S certificate of completion for teachers and Mono-Zukuri certificate of completion for students of Faculty of Mechanics.

Pictures of Ceremony:

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