Admission Announcement 2016

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Admission Announcement 2016

Apply deadline: for many rounds during the year (1st admission round: semester start July 29th, 2016)


Training in 3 levels: Vocational College – Vocational Intermediate – Vocational Primary;

Enhancing: vocational training pedagogy, skill worker, and career consulting

- .Articulating: College, University



 1. Metal Cutting – CNC (Manufacturing Mechanics)

 2. Maintenance mechanical system

 3. Automobile technology – Mechanical dynamics

 4. Industrial Electricity

 5. Air conditioning and technique air conditioning

 6. Techniques of electrical installation and control in industrial system

 7. Industrial Electronics

 8. Repairing and installing computer engineering

 9. IT (software application)

10. Network administration

11. Graphic design

12. Food processing

13. Business accounting

14. SME administration

Requirement:high school graduate (or equivalent), training in 36 months.

Graduation Certificate: Vocational College Degree

Vocational Intermediate:

 1. Automotive Technology (Mechanical Dynamics)

 2. Mental Cutting - CNC

 3. Industrial Electricity

 4. Air conditioning and technique air conditioning

 5. Industrial Electronics

 6. Repairing and installing computer engineering

 7. IT (software application)

 8. Network administration

 9. Graphic design

10. Food processing

11. Business accounting

Requirement and length of course:

* Secondary school graduate (or equivalent): training in 30 months (training general education and vocational courses).

* Finish 12th grade program (not high school graduate) or high school graduate:training in 18 months. After graduation, students can articulate into Vocational College.

Graduation Certificate: Vocational Intermediate Degree (Formal).

3. Regular open short- course:

-Short courses: Vocational training pedagogy – Soft skills – Welding – Lathing – Milling CNC – Autocad (2D, 3D) – PLC – Computer skills in office – Repair of electric equipment –automobile refrigeration electrical engineering – Repairing and installing computer – Foreign Language (A, B, TOIEC) – Upgrading skill workers –Safety Training.

4. Articulation:

5. Advantages when you study in HCMC Vocational College:

FirstLOW TUITION FEE (as regulations of governments for public vocational institutions).

Second REDUCTION/EXEMPTION SCHEME of tuition fee as regulations

Third, offer SCHOLARSHIPS, awards on a semester basis.

Fourth, defer MILITARY SERVICE (as regulations).

Fifth vocational learners can practice on modern equipment (more than 70% practice hour).

Sixth, during learning time, you can VISIT AND INTERN (with high salary) at companies.

Seventh, after getting Formal Vocational Intermediate Degree, Vocational College Degree or Formal Intermediate Degree, College Degree, you will be recognized as Practice Engineer or Practice Bachelor asProfessional Education Law. 

 - Eighth, to introduce JOBS after graduation, with high salary.

Ninth, after graduation, you can ARTICULATE into College; University, study in the evening weekdays.

6. Distributing and receiving registration profile:

- You can REGISTER ONLINE at website (please click here to register online) or  contact to receive admission form at Student Enrollment and Career Consulting Center at main campus and 2nd campus

Download Form from website:

1. Curriculum vitae (download)

2. Vocational Registration Form for high school graduate (download): Vocational College Form

3. Vocational Registration Form, for secondary school graduate (download )Vocational Intermediate Form

Please read carefully page 2 of Vocational Registration Form to obtain all required documents. Complete profile and send mail (Please enclose 25.000 VND including Admission fee, profile cover).


For more information:

Main campus: 38 Tran Khanh Du street, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, HCMC

Phone number:

- Training affair office:+84 8 38.438.720 (ext.: 101-102)

- Student Enrollment and Career Consulting Center:+84 8 35.267.377

- Hotline:+84 903 055 614 (Contact Mrs. Giau)

- Fax:+84 8 38.435.537


2nd Campus:  19A, No. 17 Street(48/43 Chương Dương), Linh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc District, HCMC

Phone number: Student enrollment Office:(08) 37.225.782




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